How to Cash a Check Without a Bank Account?

Around 14.1 million American adults are without a bank account. If you are one of them, you may be wondering how to cash a check. The good news is that you can cash a check without a bank account. However, you may have to pay a fee and possibly do some extra legwork.   Where […]

How to Find a Trusted Check Cashing Shop in CT

Check-cashing, payday loan and money order shops often get a bad rep.  Like many types of business you’ll get people who don’t follow the same standards as others. While there are many legitimate stores out there who provide vital services for those that don’t have bank accounts or can’t get to a bank etc.. many […]

Check Cashing Scams – What to Look out For

Check cashing scams all follow a similar structure of depositing a check and wiring some money back to someone.  It’s the same basic process that these scams have followed for years and still goes around today. In the connected world we live in there is no limit of places for check cashing scammers to connect […]

How do Money Orders Work?

Money Orders

Paying by money orders is an inexpensive payment alternative Money Orders are a common alternative to personal checks and paying/sending large r amounts of cash.  They are convenient and inexpensive. There are many reasons you might want to use a money order to buy or sell something. Perhaps you do not have a bank account, or […]

What’s Worth More – Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold?

Beyond what color you prefer, what are the differences between white gold, yellow gold and rose gold?  If you are looking for gold jewelry is one better to buy or sell than another? Generally speaking prices between the three are very similar however since their compositions differ there are small differences in how they are […]

Why we Don’t Provide Gold Loans

sell gold

Some pawnbrokers offer pawn loans where gold is the collateral.  Unfortunately at Meriden Pawn we are unable to offer any pawn loan in exchange for gold.  This is due to state regulation and to help prevent money laundering. We do provide pawn loans for other items if you are looking for cash now, such as […]

Is it Better to Scrap or Sell Gold at a CT Pawn Shop?

scrap or sell gold

There are compelling reasons on either to scrap or sell gold in CT If you’re looking to get some extra funds for Christmas, a vacation, or other reason, selling gold may an answer for you. If cash for your gold is what you want, you might head down to your local pawnbroker.  It’s a quick, […]

Are Tools From a Pawnshop Worth Buying?

buying tools at a pawn shop

Buying Expensive tools at a pawn shop can save your plenty of cash If you’re a Do it Yourself type of person and like fixing up your own, home, you will want to build up a nice collection of tools. A worthwhile tool collection for DIY home projects can get expensive at times.  When you […]

Guide to Selling Tools to a Pawnshop

Pawning Tools

Pawning old tools has its benefits No longer have use for one of your old tools? Wondering if the tools you have could fetch a fair price by selling it at your local pawnshop. Good tools hold their value well and usually sell for more in pawn shops than online and certainly more than a […]

How to Sell Pure Gold in CT

Pure gold is a special thing; it has fascinated people for thousands of years, and will continue to do so for thousands more.   Part of the fascination is due to it’s rarity.  But pure gold, while rare to your average person, is not rare to the average buyer.  You should have no trouble selling your […]