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How to Find a Trusted Check Cashing Shop in CT

Check-cashing, payday loan and money order shops often get a bad rep.  Like many types of business you’ll get people who don’t follow the same standards as others. While there are many legitimate stores out there who provide vital services for those that don’t have bank accounts or can’t get to a bank etc.. many people are wary about taking their checks to them.

If you are not overly familiar with check-cashing shops you may not be aware about the protections in place to keep consumers safe.  Most US states – including Connecticut – have laws and regulations surrounding check-cashing businesses that exist to stop those who would be malicious.   With a little research, you can quickly find a trusted check-cashing shop to process your check for you.


Check their license

In the state of Connecticut, businesses who cash checks and process money orders must be licensed by the Department of Banking.

Pro Check Cashing LLC is licensed to cash checks in the state of Connecticut. You can verify the license or any other check cashing shop’s license on the CT Government Portal:

Verify a check cashing license


Check the fees against state guidelines

US states have their own regulations and limits for how much check-cashing shops can charge customers.  Connecticut has one of the lowest limits, at a maximum of just 2%, whereas some other states can even charge as much as 10%.   Don’t overpay, be upfront and ask what their fees are, and if something doesn’t seem right, question it, or go somewhere else.

  • 1% for state checks
  • 2% for personal business checks

You can check this information on the CT Government website.


A legitimate check cashing shop will be happy to share licensing information with you to prove that they are registered to cash checks.