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What’s Worth More – Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold?

Beyond what color you prefer, what are the differences between white gold, yellow gold and rose gold?  If you are looking for gold jewelry is one better to buy or sell than another?

Generally speaking prices between the three are very similar however since their compositions differ there are small differences in how they are maintained and used.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the purest color of the three and historically has been more popular in wedding and engagement bands.  Yellow gold is made from a composite of metals such as copper and zinc.  Yellow gold can be subject to dents and scratches.  This can be more problematic with higher grade yellow gold since gold is a soft metal.

Benefits: Easier to maintain, matches well with diamonds, complements olive and darker skin best.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings


White gold

White gold is often greater in demand then yellow gold.  It is a popular alternative to palladium – which is more expensive.  To the human eye it can be very difficult to distinguish the difference between white gold and palladium.

White gold is made by mixing pure gold with white metals, nickel, silver and/or palladium.  White gold tends to have better durability because of these metals, however it needs dipping every few years to retain its optimal color.

Benefits: More durable than yellow gold, more scratch resistant.  Some people believe that white gold complements diamonds better than yellow gold.  Complements fair skin best.

White Gold Wedding Ring

White gold vs yellow gold pricing

Generally the prices of white and yellow gold are similar.  What should matter most to people is the color preference.


Rose gold 

Rose gold is a common choice for both men and women.  It complements all skin tones and may be seen as a more romantic color thanks to its pinkish color.  Like white gold, rose gold is an alloy so it is never 100% pure; it is made by combining gold with copper and silver.  The copper and silver contribute to the distinct rose color, while the copper brings the price down and adds durability thanks to its strength.  Rose gold is generally considered to be affordable, but strangely it is not always seen as often as yellow or white gold.

One downside to rose gold is that it can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Benefits: More durable than yellow and white gold, affordable, looks good in vintage settings.


White gold vs rose gold value

Not all jewelry items are created equal, since different manufacturers use different quantities of various metals.  Technically you can argue that since white gold mixes palladium which is worth more than copper, then white gold is more valuable than rose gold.  This can vary however based on a wide range of factors such as the overall appeal of a jewelry item, or whether it’s being sold for its scrap value.


Meriden Pawn buys and sells yellow gold, white gold and rose gold of all purities.  Visit our shop for your no obligation valuation.