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Can you Pawn 9K Gold in the USA?

The answer is yes. You can pawn 9K gold in the United States

Do you have 9k gold to sell or pawn? Are you wondering if your local pawnbroker will take it? In short, yes you can sell and pawn 9k gold legally in the USA.

Before July 2018, the minimum fineness of gold that could be sold in the US was 10k.  On July 24, 2018 the FTC revised their rules allowing gold above or below 10 karats to be sold so long as the correct fineness is displayed. It means the US is now inline with the UK, France, Ireland, Italy and Portugal where the lowest was already 9k.

What is 9 carat gold

Caratage’ is the measurement of purity of gold.. Pure gold is valued at 24 carats. An 18 carat gold bracelet is 75% gold and 25% other metals. Most often, the other metals are copper or silver. As an example, a 9 carat yellow gold bracelet is 37.5% gold, 42.5% silver and 20% copper.

9 carat gold is often referred to as European gold where it’s more popular.  In the US the most popular purity is 14k. 9 carat gold in percentage terms amounts to 37.5% pure gold or 9/24 parts gold.

Do pawnbrokers buy it?

Yes, pawnbrokers in the US can and do buy 9 karat gold, they can sell it on too.  At Meriden Pawn we do buy 9k gold items. Prices for gold generally depend on the carats, the weight and the market price at the time of sale. Market prices fluctuate all the time.


Benefits of 9k gold

Gold is known as a soft metal, the purer it is, the softer it becomes.  As 9k gold is made up of 62.5% other metals it is technically stronger but may tarnish more due to a higher copper content.  Compared to higher standards of gold, you may notice an 9K piece of jewelry is less resistant to knocks and scratches on a microscopic scale.