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273 W. Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451 MONDAY – FRIDAY 11AM – 7PM   |   SATURDAY 11AM – 4PM SUNDAY CLOSED

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Why do Gold Buyers Ask for ID?

If you try to sell gold to any pawnbroker in CT and don’t have your ID, you’ll be turned away.  It’s nothing personal, it’s just a simple fact of selling gold in the US.

All pawnbrokers in the United States are required by law to ask sellers to provide government issued ID. such as a driving license, or passport;  The same must also be recorded.

Unlike most other items which can be easily sold to any pawnbroker, gold falls under specific regulations, and with good reason.

The requirement to provide identification helps to reduce the chance of stolen goods being sold on, acting as a deterrent; it also makes it easier for police to investigate and track these sales if they do happen.

The law works the other way around as well.  Businesses who buy gold must be licensed, so if you wanted to you could ask for evidence of this too.

So when you head to your local pawnbroker to sell your gold or gold containing items, remember to take your ID with you.  There are a small number of buyers out there who won’t ask for identification, or be loose with the regulations, but they’re breaking the law.  If you’re not asked for ID, head someplace else.

Meriden Pawn will always ask for your ID when you come to sell your gold to us.  We’re also licensed (as required by law) and will be happy to provide evidence of this to any buyer or seller.